If you love working on the garden or lawn, you also know just how easy it to become overworked. As you pull out the weed trimmers as well as hedge clippers, and then dig in the ground to start planting a strip of flowers, time moves quickly. But the following morning, you notice that your muscles have become sore and your back stiff, reminding you that you overdid things. When you are in pain, you should consider giving your chiropractor a visit.

The American Chiropractic Association lets you know that the repetitive movements of the body when utilizing lawn equipment can trigger muscle tears and strains, neck and back pain. Avoid adding to body pain by knowing how to operate the equipment and to avoid overdoing yard work.

Safety Tips From Chiropractors

Be sure that all equipment you use has straps that you can put on over your head and then on the shoulder opposite from the lawn equipment to center gravity. Switch from one side to another as frequently as possible and change your stance as you work. Don’t forget to take breaks regularly. Every time you pick the equipment up or put it down, you have to bend your knees instead of your waist. You should also keep the equipment close to your body every time you life. You also have to do some warm up exercises as well as cool down routines before and after you do the lawn chore.

Good Gardening Stretches

Use these regularly. You need to stop whenever you experience pain. Stretches must be performed slowly and easily and it should never cause you pain. Stand tall and then lift your arms straight up overhead and reach for the sky. Once done, bend forward and try to reach down to the ground. Do this at least two times. Let your breath out and then wrap your arms around yourself. Rotate to one side and as far as you can go. Hold that position for about 10 seconds. Then rotate to the opposite side. Do this at least two times. Sit on a mat with your knees stretched in front of you. Bend forward and then reach for your toes in a slow and easy stretch.

Visit A Chiropractor

In case too much lawn work or gardening creates muscle or joint pain and stiffness, you should visit a chiropractor for immediate treatment. In your first visit, the chiropractor North Myrtle Beach will evaluate spinal health with a spinal adjustment, and will spend time diagnosing symptoms. The chiropractor will also review the schedule of the patient and look at your complete medical history. The primary goal is to provide you with pain relief without surgery or medication. There will also be a discussion about your physical activities and questions as to when the pain began and what may have caused it.

After a few visits and the chiropractor has determined the best solution for the stiffness and soreness that you are feeling, he will find ways to help you lose weight, ask you to do exercises that are exciting, and recommend that you take classes such as yoga or Tai chi that will help you reduce stress and improve your balance. You may also be provided with daily schedules that will cut back work a bit. In general, the atmosphere will be completely positive, assist you to remain in good condition so you can continue doing your yard work. If you think this works for you then you should make an appointment with your chiropractor now.

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