How Can Athletes Benefit From Chiropractic Care?

Many people conclude that only those who have problems with their back or neck visit a chiropractor. However, studies revealed that individuals seek the help of a chiropractor because they need other treatments for problems involving their muscular-skeletal system. Many of these patients are athletes.

Reverses The Negative Effects Of Sports In The Body

Numerous athletes can attest to the great effects of chiropractic care and how it helped them succeed. Dan O’Brien, Barry Bonds, and Arnold Schwarzenegger are among the most famous athletes who affirm this claim. Flexibility, strength, coordination, and speed can affect athletic performance. Participating in sports is encouraged because of its countless advantages. Playing sports not only means you get to exercise but you also develop your fine motor skills. You learn more about fair play, teamwork, and building friendships. But regardless of the kind of sport that you are playing or your age, your body will sustain impacts.

Once the spine shows flaws in alignment and/or movement, the vertebral subluxations can make focal spots of problems in the nervous system, which eventually causes interference with the optimal functions of the other systems in the body. Because of this, the athlete’s performance suffers. But with regular adjustments, athletes often associate their success to receiving chiropractic adjustments routinely. Various sports like wrestling, football, soccer, volleyball, baseball, lacrosse, and softball all involve a lot of physical contact. You also need to put in a lot of effort during training, which affects your muscles and spine.

Treats Different Sports Injuries

Chiropractic care offers many benefits, especially to athletes. Adjustments not only help in treating injuries sustained from high impact sports, they also offer other advantages.  Studies revealed that high impact sports put the same amount of stress on the body as a car accident. Athletes who visit their chiropractor for regular adjustments will notice better performance, a range of motion, improved blood flow, better flexibility, and lesser risk of getting injured. Spinal adjustments also encourage faster healing time from minor injuries since the irritation of the nerve roots in between the vertebrae.

Routine spinal adjustments can benefit both low and high impact athletes. High impact athletes enjoy better flexibility and performance and lessen the risks of getting injured. Meanwhile, low impact athletes like bowlers, golfers, and tennis players can benefit from adjustments by relieving the stress placed on their body. Hendersonville Chiropractors provide natural treatment and help prevent different conditions that many athletes suffer from.

Headaches – a 2001 study by Duke University found that spinal manipulation can offer fast relief for headaches that start from the neck. Chiropractic treatments provide relief to headaches since most of it is associated with facet joint pain in the neck.

Shoulder Pain – The British Medical Journal and the Annals of Internal Medicine discovered that the pain that is associated with shoulder injuries can be reduced if shoulder manipulation is added to conventional rehab methods.

Ankle Injuries – a study by the Physiological Therapeutics and JMPT discovered that chiropractic adjustments given to patients with ankle sprains has assisted in lessening pain, improving ankle function, and reducing pain.

Injury Prevention – the study conducted by BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders found that football players in Australia who received chiropractic care suffered from fewer leg injuries compared to those who do not seek the help of a chiropractor.

Drug-free and Non-invasive Treatment

If you are looking for chiropractic care in Hendersonville for neck and back pain due to injuries sustained from playing sports like rugby and football or if you are seeking help for other physical injuries then you need to visit a chiropractor. As a matter of fact, several studies revealed that chiropractic care assists in the recovery of athletes from their injuries without taking painkillers or undergoing invasive surgeries.

Enhance Performance and Prevent Injury

Divine Life Health Center has experience with patients who are athletes and is ready to treat the individual as a whole and create a comprehensive treatment that is focused on avoiding injury. Several studies support the claim that chiropractic care can assist athletes in reaching an optimal performance. A research team from Canada incorporated chiropractic care in a rehabilitation treatment program for 16 long distance female runners who have been injured. Their recovery was fast plus seven out sixteen scored their best performance while getting regular chiropractic care.

Decrease Pain

The spine is an important part of your body and it consists of several tissues that are pain sensitive like ligaments, discs, nerves, muscles, and joints. In case the spinal column exhibits incorrect alignment patterns, there will be a lot of stress or strain on the affected tissue. For low back pain, for instance, seeking out the help of a chiropractor for spinal adjustments can relieve pain and restore normal function.

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