Myrtle Beach chiropractorHave you heard people talking about chiropractors cracking bones, causing strokes, or that they are not real doctors? These are only a few of the rumors that go around about chiropractic care even though in reality, about 40 million Americans get chiropractic care annually. Even with all these, a Consumer Reports survey revealed that chiropractic care remains to score the highest patient satisfaction level among healthcare professionals.

Misconceptions not only feed incorrect internet fodder but also prevent people from looking for an effective and safe healthcare assistance that they really need. Do not be fooled by these misguided myths. Some of the most common misconceptions about chiropractic care are listed below together with the facts.

Back Pain Treatment Only

One of the primary reasons why people go to a chiropractor is for back pain treatment. However, there are several other treatment options whenever you seek out chiropractic care. Chiropractors deal with what may seem like unrelated issues through spinal manipulation. The spine is a complex system that is comprised of the muscle, vertebra, chemicals, soft tissue, as well as the nervous system. Fixing bones that are misaligned can help other body parts, as well.

Treatment Lasts Forever

Another misconception is that once you go to a chiropractor, you will have to go there forever. That is not true. If you seek out chiropractic care, you can stop taking the treatment once the issue is resolved. Your chiropractor from Divine Life Health Center will recommend various preventative activities that you can do at home. They will ask you to visit them periodically so as to prevent chronic discomfort and future flare-ups. Whatever it is, the patient has the final say about future visits.

Weird Popping Sound

Quick thrusts or adjustments are applied by chiropractors to the joints, which connects the bones. The spinal joints release gas which makes an audible popping sound. It does not mean that your bones are cracking. Some people may find this startling at first but it can actually make you feel relieved. Not all these methods call for manipulation. There are treatment plans that involve soft tissue work as well as exercise. Myrtle Beach chiropractors also offer dietary and nutritional counseling.

Cause Strokes

Chiropractic adjustments do not cause strokes and this is supported by clinical evidence. One research lasted for more than nine years and with sufficient people to cover the equivalent of 100 million person-years. Another study checked 32,000 scientific citations, together with 1,000 pertinent studies in the span of six years. To sum it all up, the link between a stroke and chiropractic care was no higher compared to when patients went to a general physician. The numbers were very small and they were considered as statistically insignificant. It is comparable to the risk of being hit by lightning.

Chiropractors Can’t Get To Medical School

Both chiropractors and physicians get their training as primary care physicians, beginning with comparable core classes up until later when medical students concentrate on pharmacology while chiropractors focus on physiology and adjusting techniques. The main difference lies in their chosen method of caring for their patients. Chiropractors encourage a healthy way of living. They get rid of the things that hinder normal body functioning instead of resorting to medications or surgery.

Doctors Don’t Like Chiropractors

Medical doctors and chiropractors work together. When the patient feels pain in the tension, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and soft tissues. They will refer you to a medical doctor if the cause of the problem may be due to an infection, tumor, or other diseases, which can only be treated by traditional medicine.

Too Expensive and Not Covered By Insurance

The studies that proved that chiropractic care is effective also revealed that it can also reduce the overall cost of the treatment and stopping a relapse, especially with injuries and lower back pain. In several states, private insurance, HMOs cover chiropractic care treatments.

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