spinal manipulationChiropractors all over the globe use more than 100 kinds of adjustment techniques. These health professionals concentrate on and use eight to ten various strategies in their practice.

The most common objective of the majority of chiropractic techniques is to bring back or improve joint function, with the goals of fixing joint inflammation and decreasing pain. A few approaches utilize some force (for spinal manipulation), while others are milder like spinal mobilization.

The primary chiropractic adjustment approach is known as the spinal manipulation and might likewise be called the diversified method or the HVLA or high velocity and low amplitude thrust. Recent chiropractic adjustment methods usually evolve as an alternative form of an existing approach and usually named after the chiropractor who was responsible for developing it.

Provided below are some of the most commonly utilized spinal manipulation as well as spinal mobilization methods recently used by chiropractors from Divine Life Health Center.

Chiropractic Manipulation Techniques

Local chiropractors develop treatment plans to fulfill the unique needs of every patient. A chiropractic treatment plan use some forceful as well as less forceful spinal adjustment methods during the same visit or throughout the course of treatment, usually six to ten visits for a regular patient.

Spinal Manipulation (High-Velocity Low-Amplitude Thrust) – this is the most commonly used chiropractic method , spinal manipulation, is the conventional high velocity low amplitude (HVLA) thrust. This particular manipulation usually creates an audible pop because chiropractors use their hands to put a regulated sudden force to the affected joint while making sure that the body of the patient is fixed at a certain position.

There are different kinds of spinal manipulation (HVLA) techniques used in chiropractic care. The first one is the diversified technique that is conventionally linked to chiropractic manual adjustments. With this approach, chiropractors place a short or low amplitude, quick or high velocity thrust over joints that are restricted with the objective of bringing back the joint’s normal range of motion. The body of the patient is positioned in certain ways so that the spine’s adjustment is optimized.

The second type of technique used in Myrtle Beach chiropractic care is the Gonstead adjustment which is similar to the diversified technique but differs in the evaluation of or locating the problematic joint as well as the specificity of the position of the body. The third type is the Thompson Terminal Point or Drop technique that utilizes special treatment tables with areas that drop a short distance when an HVLA thrust is being applied.

Spinal Mobilization(Low-force or Gentle Chiropractic Techniques – Certain conditions like osteoporosis, pathology, the size of the patient, comfort, and preference may need a milder approach that is commonly known as spinal manipulation. Apart from that, some clinicians and patients may want to go with mild spinal mobilization methods that don’t require twisting the body or implementing a forceful thrust.

The goal of spinal mobilization is to enhance as well as restore joint function. However, unlike the HVLA thrust, spinal mobilization uses slow movement for joint mobilization. It is used for a variety of reasons like patient preference, patients that have sensitive nervous system or those with conditions that might not be suitable for spinal manipulation like advanced osteoporosis, certain types of deformity, bone pathology, and specific kinds of inflammatory arthritis.

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