chiropractic careA lot of people hesitate to bring infants to a chiropractor. Their first concern is always the safety of their babies. Will their little ones get adjusted the way adults do? These are all legitimate questions from parents who only want the best for their kids.

Babies through a lot of things when they are born. Their tiny bodies receive a lot of force and pressure during their journey into the world. According to a study conducted by Viola Frymann showed that 90% of newborns suffered the effects of birth trauma like strain in the neck as well as the cranial areas after they are born. Frymann is an American osteopathic doctor who have studied more than 1,500 babies periodically in the span of eight years. She evaluated the babies during their first five days after birth, as a matter of fact, many were evaluated during the first 24 hours of birth. The study revealed the following:

  • 10% of newborns had great cranial mechanisms
  • 10% had experienced severe trauma to the head
  • 80% showed strain patterns in their cranial mechanisms

If these are ignored, the trauma will continue to affect the spinal growth and development of the babies, which will reduce the healthy function of their nerve system. These can also lead to health problems as they grow older, which could have been prevented with the help of a chiropractor.

Birth Trauma

Birth can be traumatic for newborns. Although each birth is unique, there will always be a possibility that the baby will suffer some kind of strain due to several reasons. Even the most natural births can lead to trauma, which in many cases, go undetected.

Causes of Birth Trauma

  • Short labor
  • Long labor
  • Cervix failed to dilate
  • Use of Pitocin to induce or strengthen contractions
  • Use of forceps or vacuum extraction
  • Cord around the neck of the baby
  • Twisting or Pulling on the head to deliver the body of the infant


Apart from the Frymann study mentioned above, Dr. Abraham Towbin, a Harvard University Pathologist discovered evidence of spinal injury due to the birthing process. He also learned that there were signs of spinal injury in several cases of SIDS as well as infant respiratory conditions.

Birth trauma usually leads to neurological dysfunction. As a matter of fact, a research by Gutmann, which involves examining over 1,000 infants, showed that around 80% had some sort of nerve dysfunction. This very important since 65% of neurological development happens during the child’s first year. During this critical time, it is extremely vital to have a healthy nerve system so that the child can grow to his or her full potential.

What nerve dysfunction from birth trauma appear like?

  • Breathing problems
  • Constant spitting up/reflux
  • Colic/irritability
  • Difficulty nursing
  • Sleeping problems
  • Balance problems
  • Delayed developmental milestones

Chiropractic care is concentrated mostly on getting rid of nerve dysfunction so a new baby can develop, grow, and function at its full potential. We all have the ability to heal and chiropractors can help lessen the obstructions to their healing ability.

Is Chiropractic Care Safe For Infants?

Adverse events associated with pediatric chiropractic care are nonexistent, around 1 in 250 million pediatric visits. There isn’t any medical procedure that is far safer than that. However, parents are encouraged to seek out chiropractors who regularly take care of their children in their practice.

When adjusting a baby, a skilled North Myrtle Beach chiropractor will just use the amount of pressure that you use to comfortably push on your eye. The baby gets checked using technology and by hand. Then they are put in a position, usually in the lap of their mothers, and the chiropractor applies gentle pressure. The whole process is safe, simple, and effective.

Several parents are having their children checked by a chiropractor as part of their healthy lifestyle to make sure that they develop to their full potential.

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