chiropractic careChiropractic care offers much more than just a solution for patients who suffer from back pain. It is also a key to a healthier lifestyle. Be among the millions of Americans who have not just found relief from their agonizing back pain but also a way to improve their wellness through a natural and drug free approach.

The spinal column is comprised of 24 independent vertebrae, which allows your body to twist, bend, and make all other physical movements. Additionally, it sheathes and protects the fragile central nervous system, which is responsible for controlling and coordinating each muscle, tissue, and organ in your body. Given that, the first step to ensuring a healthy and active lifestyle is to have a properly functioning spine.

If at least two vertebrae are not functioning together correctly, it is what several chiropractors consider as a subluxation or a misalignment. A subluxation is actually a joint dysfunction that can trigger pain, decreased mobility, discomfort, as well as other symptoms and conditions. Joint dysfunctions typically go unnoticed and can lead to miscommunication between your brain and your body.

Joint dysfunctions in your spine could lead to symptoms in other joints of parts of the body, too. All these symptoms are the ways for your body to let you know that something is wrong. However, you need to remember that not feeling any pain does not automatically mean that you are healthy. There are cases wherein by the time symptoms and pain show up, the condition may have already been present for months or even years. Fortunately, you can prevent these kinds of conditions and symptoms with regular chiropractic care.

Benefits of Regular Chiropractic Care:

  • Improved nerve communication in your body
  • Improved joint coordination and motion
  • Improved physical performance and function
  • Improved posture
  • Back pain and neck pain relief
  • Leg, knee, foot, and ankle pain relief
  • Arm, wrist, shoulder, and elbow pain relief
  • Relief from tension disorders and stress
  • Relief from bursitis
  • Relief from joint discomfort
  • Relief from chronic conditions and injuries

Our licensed North Myrtle Beach chiropractors promote ongoing wellness by making improvements to your joint and spinal function, which results to more active and healthier lifestyle. With routine chiropractic adjustments, chiropractic care provides a range of preventative health advantages, and is important for keeping your body flexible, balanced, and functioning at its best. Everyone, including growing children as well as active seniors, could benefit from routine chiropractic care.

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