Myrtle Beach chiropractic carePadraig Harrington and Tiger Woods are only a few of the many famous golf players who have regularly received chiropractic care for several years in an effort to maintain and even improve their performance when playing the sport. Their successes imply the advantages of chiropractic care. However, it can be difficult to really know if it is because of chiropractic care or just because they are without a doubt world class golfers.

The question now is if chiropractors can help an average golf player improve his performance when on the golf course.

The game’s very nature suggests that chiropractic care from Divine Life Health Center is a good match for golf players. The spine can undergo a tremendous amount of strain when playing golf. Golfers have to move from a standing position immediately to club head speeds, calling for great posture, balance, as well as the ability to properly rotate the spine. Spinal curves can be flattened or exaggerated with poor posture and they can impact the swing performance considerably.

Apart from enjoying the health benefits of playing golf, chiropractic care benefits golfers by correcting golf injuries, maintaining performance, and improving the posture required to do an excellent golf swing by dealing with your spinal range of motion. The spine will be able to move much better once chiropractors align all of the vertebrae using what they refer to as chiropractic adjustment.

Having said that, a treatment plan that involves spinal adjustments, rehabilitation exercises as well as muscle techniques could make a huge difference in your golf performance and enjoyment when playing the sport.

Recent studies also confirm that chiropractic could improve golfers’ performance when playing the sport. A research that was published in the Journal of Chiropractic Medicine showed that the mix of stretching and chiropractic care were linked to significant improvements in the swing of golf players compared to when golfers only did stretching.

Two different groups of golf players were involved in the research. One group were asked to stretch only. The other group were instructed to perform stretching and receive spinal adjustments. The program that involved stretching were the same for the two groups. All of those belonging to the two groups had the same average age, initial swings, and handicaps. There were 43 participants who initially did 3 full swing movement. They also recorded the average distances. The study lasted for 4 weeks and every participant were asked to hit 3 balls, before as well as after the treatment.

After completing the four week study, the group that only had the stretching program did not show any sign of improvement in their swing performance. On the other hand, the second group, which involved doing stretching and golf players getting North Myrtle Beach chiropractic care like spinal adjustments, showed an improvement in their swing performance. Additionally, there was an increase in the driving distance after each weekly treatment.

With all these, we can say that chiropractic care can help improve your golf performance. What are you waiting for? Play golf and don’t forget to visit your chiropractor. Call Divine Life Health Center for all your sports chiropractic needs.

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