chiropractic careThanksgiving is celebrated in Canada in October and in the U.S. in November. The traditions are well and alive. The family comes together. The sales are high. There is a lot of food. We give thanks to the gift of life, friend, and family and to all the benefits that we have received. Divine Life Health Center also wants to thank everyone and so here are a few chiropractic health tips to help you enjoy the holiday.


We all know that the upcoming holiday, can be the source of a great deal of stress. It is a time when families gather and memories pop up. There are a lot of chefs in the kitchen. The best thing you need to do is to take 6 slow, deep breathes as you carve the turkey or stir the potatoes. It will really help soothe you. Plus, it gives your digestive system a boost.


Apart from North Myrtle Beach chiropractic care, laughing does wonders to your body. It is beneficial to your vascular system and your heart. It aids in the healthy function of your body’s blood vessels. Whenever things get tense in the kitchen or in the table, laugh! See that others will also join you.


Walking is good not only for the heart but for your digestion, too. It helps settle food and lets you breathe fresh air.


Eat lots of cranberries since they can help prevent urinary tract infections. Enjoy eating potatoes because they can lower blood pressure and they contain vitamins that are good for your cells, heart and nervous system. They are rich in fiber, too. Eat some pumpkin pie, soup, or seeds. Pumpkins have vitamins and fiber that’s good for your body. It helps reduce bad cholesterol and improve your mood. Of course, don’t forget the turkey. It is full of vitamins, protein, and tryptophan. It is great for the production of serotonin, which can help strengthen your immune system.

Don’t Worry – too much

One day of eating a lot is just like one day of dieting. It won’t change you right away. So, nap, eat, talk, play, take a walk, laugh, cook, watch a game, bake, and enjoy Thanksgiving. There is a lot of things that you should be thankful for.

A chiropractic adjustment from Divine Life Health Center does wonders for your whole system, too! So be sure to make an appointment with a chiropractor before and even after Thanksgiving!

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