chiropractorFor somebody who is constantly dressing in layers or curled up under a blanket, the idea of poor circulation is not a revelation. They have gotten used to living with cold hands and feet. However, just like all the other oddities in the body of humans, poor circulation is not normal and it has to be dealt with immediately. Although you have tried an iron-rich diet or perhaps began performing aerobic exercises to improve circulation, several people usually disregard the potential that chiropractic has. Having a spinal adjustment by a skilled chiropractor has been proven to provide long term advantages for improving blood circulation as well as in stabilizing blood pressure.

The chiropractors at Divine Life Health Center have seen the long term problems caused by inadequate blood circulation can have on your body. Patients are encouraged not to ignore tingling or cold hands and feet and visit a chiropractor right away.

Reduced Blood Flow

Arteries and veins are the ones responsible for providing blood throughout the body. Just like the central nervous system, these two pathways create a web that has conjunctions, which branch off, and consolidates more as you move towards the heart. The spine is the circulatory system’s natural backbone, where it will branch out from, because it creates the central nervous system’s blueprint and it reaches every part of your body.

The reason why fingers and toes become tingly and cold is because they are located furthest from your heart. And even though the heart pumps blood at a normal pace, there are certain restrictions that prevent the blood from flowing properly. It is important to find these blockages and restrictions.

Oftentimes, spinal subluxations are the cause of problems in the circulatory system. For instance, blood supplies that pass through the thoracic spine that are being forced back by a swollen vertebral disc might see a 20% drop in the pressure because of the blockage. This implies there is 20% less flow force behind the blood circulation to extremities from that channel. By the time the blood gets to the extremities, it does so but with very little behind it. If the spine deviates from what is normal, there will be more impediments that block the blood supplies. If you add nerve compression to the mix, the body will start to not have enough circulatory power it requires to feed the arms, hands, legs, and feet.

Chiropractic Care Will Help Keep Your Blood Going

If you suspect that you have poor blood circulation, you need to schedule an appointment with a reliable and reputable North Myrtle Beach chiropractor right away. Subluxations in any part of your spine can block blood circulation to your extremities. It will disrupt the natural circulatory function of your body.

Divine Life Health Center will assess you thoroughly and use an approach that that will determine where the misaligned areas are located and how they might be affecting your blood circulation on every day. Call us now for more information.

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