children chiropractic Myrtle BeachA lot of patients who seek chiropractic care complain about back pain but many of them have no idea why their hurts so much. According to experts, spinal misalignment can be caused by two factors – build of your day to day activities or trauma.

Most people are aware whenever trauma is involved like getting involved in a car accident or falling down the stairs. You’ll never forget it when these things occur. Now, ask yourself, are these only the physical trauma that you have had in your entire life? Can you remember all the little bumps and bruises that you have had as a child? Were you fond of playing sports?

Long List Of Physical Traumas

If you fall off your bike today, as an adult, you would most likely be complaining of pain in some parts of your body, not to mention the bumps and bruises that you will get from the accident. When this same thing happen to a child, he or she usually cries a little and stands right back up as if nothing happened? But is it really over?

The physical trauma that kids get when they play can cause their growing vertebrae to move out of its proper alignment, which can place pressure on their developing nerves. If this happens, who knows what health problems your child will have to go suffer in the future. Do you think you have gone through these things? Do you think the physical trauma you have had as a child had an effect on the health problems you have now?

Have you ever fallen from a tree or your bike? Have you ever hit your head when you were playing basketball, football, or perhaps other physical activities? If you look back at all the injuries you have had in the past, you might end up wondering how you are still able to move around today.

Chiropractic and Childhood Sports

Most kids love to play outdoors and many of them love sports. They are even active even if they are not part of an organized physical activity. They tackle, crawl, jump, and even hit another child eventually, which may lead to trauma. They almost never complain about pain. However, if checked for misalignment in their spine, North Myrtle Beach chiropractors usually find something that must be adjusted.

In a more active sports season, kids may need to undergo more frequent spinal adjustment to ensure that their spinal cords are aligned properly. One of the primary goals of chiropractic care is to help patients reach their full health and physical potential. Kids should be capable to do many things and they should not be limited by their spine’s health.

Chiropractic adjustments are not only for adults. Kids go through lots of physical trauma without you or even them noticing it. Keep your child in tip top shape and ready to have fun outdoors with the help of a chiropractor.

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