chiropractic careA lot of people raise their eyebrows whenever they hear about chiropractic care for infants. Many of them ask whether it is safe while some ask why infants need to see a chiropractor when they don’t experience back pain. Will babies get the same spinal adjustment as adults? All of these are legitimate concerns. If you are wondering why infants should see a chiropractor, you better read on.

Being born is not easy. Newborns experience a lot of pressure as they are brought into the world. One recent study showed that about 90% of newborns experience birth trauma following birth. Over 1500 babies were studied within a period of eight years. She checked all the newborns within the first five days after they were born and many of these babies were examined during the first 24 hours after birth. The research demonstrated that about:

–    10% had freely mobile and perfect cranial mechanisms or skulls.

–    10% had severe trauma

–    80% had strain patterns in their cranial mechanism

If these are left unchecked, the trauma will continue to affect the spinal growth and development of the baby, which reduces the healthy function of the newborn’s nerve system. These can lead to health problems as the baby grows older, which could have been prevented.

Birth Trauma

Birth can be traumatic. Although every birth is unique, there will always be a possibility that the baby may suffer some kind of strain because of many different reasons. Even natural births can lead to trauma that oftentimes goes undetected. The causes of birth trauma are as follows:

–    Short labor

–    Long labor

–    Cervix failed to dilate

–    Use of Pitocin to induce or strengthen uterine contractors

–    Using vacuum extraction or forceps

–    C-section

–    Cord around the neck of the baby

–    Twisting or pulling on the head to deliver the body of the baby

Spinal Injury

Another research found evidence that spinal injury is common among newborns due to the birthing process. A spinal injury was also discovered in several cases of infant respiratory conditions and SIDS. Birth trauma can also trigger neurological dysfunction. Some common signs are:

–    Colic

–    Breathing difficulties

–    Reflux

–    Sleeping problems

–    Balance issues

–    Impaired swallowing or sucking

–    Delayed developmental milestones

Chiropractic care can help get rid of nerve dysfunction so that the infant can enjoy optimum growth, development, and function.

Is Spinal Adjustment Safe For Infants?

Yes, a spinal adjustment is safe for infants. The adverse effects associated with pediatric chiropractic care is extremely rare, at around 1 out of 250 million pediatric visits. There is no other medical procedure that is safer than chiropractic care North Myrtle Beach. However, parents are advised to go to a chiropractor who specializes in treating children.

A skilled and experienced chiropractor will use a small amount of pressure when adjusting a newborn. The pressure applied is comparable to the pressure you use to push on your eye while still feeling comfortable. The newborn will be checked using technology and by hand. The baby will then be placed on the lap of their mom, and then gentle pressure will be applied by the chiropractor. That’s it!

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