chiropractic careFather’s day is fast approaching. We take the time to think about, appreciate all the things that our fathers have provided us throughout the years, and recognize how blessed we are to have them in our lives. We give thanks to our fathers for providing for their families and for the many lessons that they have taught us. We expect them to be strong, to dependable, and to protect us at all times. All these demands plus the life’s stresses that they have to face can put a strain on their body and their place their health at risk. Why don’t your dad a day to relax and relieve his stress by visiting a chiropractor.

Given that, men, fathers most especially, need to take care of their health. Many of them tend to disregard symptoms of health issues until their condition becomes serious. A lot of them do not pay attention to the importance of prevention like getting regular chiropractic care. Among the most common health conditions that men suffer from are prostate cancer, lung cancer, suicide/depression, stroke, heart disease, and high blood pressure.

You might be surprised that suicide and depression is part of the list. As mentioned earlier, men bear the brunt of almost everything for their families and they are used to dismissing their feelings and to man up. They suppress so many expectations and they have a tendency to dismiss the help they require until a problem arises. Men are four times more likely to commit suicide compared to women. Because of this, it is important to realize that men have to find help and visit a therapist so they will know the best ways to cope with the pressures that they face in their daily lives.

Apart from smoking, asbestos and air pollution can also cause lung cancer, which is the number one type of cancer for both men and women. Making sure that the air in your home is clean is important. Be sure to have an air cleaner because it can help prevent toxins off-gassing from bedding, furniture, as well as the flooring.

In terms of stroke cases, the most common causes are physical inactivity, high cholesterol, alcohol use, smoking, and weight. Stroke is the third main cause of death among men. These are only a few of the reasons why it is important to look at behaviors that can negatively affect their health.

Meanwhile, there are only a few known causes for prostate cancer. As of today, the only thing that experts recommend to reduce the risks of men getting prostate cancer is to reduce meat intake and to include vegetables and fruits in their daily diet. Screening is also important because it could spread to other organs in the body even before it is detected.

We all love our fathers and we want them to be around for a very long time. So, why don’t you consider giving your dad a gift of health during Father’s Day? A few gift ideas are a gym membership, a basket full of supplements, new sneakers he can use to walk or jog, a cervical pillow, a massage, or even a visit to a Myrtle Beach chiropractor for a much needed spinal adjustment.

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