Hendersonville chiropractorsOne of the most common questions Hendersonville chiropractors hear is if they get a massage before or after the chiropractic adjustment. It really doesn’t make any difference in most cases. Although chiropractic care and massage go hand in hand, it’s crucial to ask how they benefit each other and why they are working well perfectly together. By doing that, the client can decide if they want to have it.

Massage and Chiropractic Care

Muscle can move bone according to basic physiology. Once bones are no longer aligned, it is crucial to check how the musculature surrounding the area is out of balance. Rebalancing the musculature isn’t as simple as one would think. Different forms of treatment could be used to help in muscular rebalancing, from pinpoint stretching to the mild kneading of the tissue. Although most chiropractors are good at pinpointing stretching, it is uncommon for them to have the time needed for less aggressive methods to do their work, or to be extremely thorough in taking care of the musculature. This is when the massage is advantageous.

Generally, massage sessions could last between thirty to ninety minutes in length. Checking only at the most basic methods of massage therapy, the therapist could use a mix kneading, pressing, compression, traction, as well as muscle stretching to so they would be encouraged them to release. If there are repetitive stress patterns or injuries, emotional or physical trauma, other different types of manual therapy needs to be applied.

It’s crucial to know what the chiropractor knows how to do. Whatever type of manual therapy the massage therapy uses, research on the advantages of massage therapy always show that it can release certain neural transmitters that tell the patient body to relax. The better help this, it’s important to always express any discomfort that you might feel during the session since more tension caused by the work you have been receiving could add more stress while still remaining less beneficial.

Once the tight muscles have been kneaded and worked into pliable tissues, you will feel more relaxed and your body will be prepared for a chiropractic adjustment. By being more relaxed, it will help your chiropractor in making the bones to shift much more smoothly which constantly translates into a better nervous system. But, the alternative is likewise true. If you come in for your massage following the adjustment, it might be easier for the therapist to help the muscles in relaxation if the neural input to them is increased. So, it’s up to you and how you feel about the benefits of both therapies for your body and mind.

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