How Chiropractic Care Benefits Those Who Suffer From Migraines

chiropractic care for migrainesA lot of people who are suffering from migraines have tried different things like sleep hygiene, different medications, migraine diets, and avoiding triggers. However, most of these patients forget to consider physical methods of treatment such as massage, yoga, or chiropractic care for migraines. Body manipulation can affect the intensity and the frequency of migraine headaches since adjusting and stretching the body tissues, joints, and bones can affect how the blood vessels work (the physiologic cause of migraine headaches are pulsating blood vessels).

Chiropractor Care To Relieve Headaches

The third top reason why American adults visit a chiropractor from Divine Life Health Center is headache. Various clinical trials have studied the effects of chiropractic care on migraines and they showed favorable results. The evidence revealed that spinal manipulation can improve migraine headache. A review of 21 studies discovered that patients who went to a chiropractor due to migraines once or two times per week for eight weeks experienced reduced migraine symptoms. Chiropractic care was able to improve the patient’s quality of life by lessening migraine frequency, duration, and intensity.

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How Can A Chiropractor Help Improve Your Health?

chiropractor Myrtle BeachA lot of people who visit a chiropractor complain about back and neck pain. Chiropractic care is considered as a holistic therapy that uses manual spinal manipulation to concentrate on maintaining the heath of the nervous and musculoskeletal systems to ensure total wellness.


There is an increasing number of studies about chiropractic care. The Annals of Internal Medicine reported that the latest studies revealed that the spinal manipulative therapy conducted by a chiropractor, together with exercise, is more effective in relieving neck pain when compared to regular medications.

Additionally, the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics stated that a cohesive healthcare approach that includes chiropractic care  can lead to a 51.8% decrease in the cost of pharmaceutical and 43% less hospital admissions.

You need to think about visiting a chiropractor in case you suffer frequent back pain, joint pain, neck pain, and headaches. You should also visit a chiropractor if you experience intense soreness after an accident, performing a household chore, or after extended periods of poor posture.

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5 Benefits Of Taking Your Child To A Chiropractor

chiropractic careWhy do kids need to see a pediatric chiropractor? This is one of the most common questions many chiropractors receive from parents. The answer is simple. Kids have a nervous system and a spine just like adults. Taking them to a chiropractor will make sure that they are cared for correctly especially throughout their developmental years.

The Nervous System – What Does It Do?

The central nervous system is comprised of the spinal cord and the brain. The nerves from the spinal cord go to every organ, tissue, gland, muscle, as well as cell of the body. It acts like a big fuse box. If there is a blown fuse, a child may start to feel certain health issues like colic, bed wetting, constipation, torticollis, ear infections, reflux, sleep problems, and etc. Pediatric chiropractors can help with these conditions. However, their primary goal is not to treat the disorder or the disease. The focus of pediatric chiropractors like the ones from Divine Life Health Center is to let the nervous system work without interference or to get rid of the “blown fuse” referred to as subluxation.

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What You Need To Know About Spinal Manipulation

spinal manipulationChiropractors all over the globe use more than 100 kinds of adjustment techniques. These health professionals concentrate on and use eight to ten various strategies in their practice.

The most common objective of the majority of chiropractic techniques is to bring back or improve joint function, with the goals of fixing joint inflammation and decreasing pain. A few approaches utilize some force (for spinal manipulation), while others are milder like spinal mobilization.

The primary chiropractic adjustment approach is known as the spinal manipulation and might likewise be called the diversified method or the HVLA or high velocity and low amplitude thrust. Recent chiropractic adjustment methods usually evolve as an alternative form of an existing approach and usually named after the chiropractor who was responsible for developing it.

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How Can Chiropractors Help People With Upper Back Pain

Allopathic medicine is a widely sought after medical treatment for various health conditions. However, in most cases, it only offers short-term relief and may even result in side effects. Additionally, it has been observed that it doesn’t treat ailments linked to the musculoskeletal system. Musculoskeletal injuries, for instance, significantly affects the patient’s quality of life. Given that, several patients who are suffering from upper back pain, lower back pain, back pain, and neck pain, to name a few, look for alternative treatments like massage therapy, acupressure, yoga therapy, and chiropractic care.

What is Chiropractic Treatment?

Chiropractic care is considered an alternative medicine. It is performed by doctors referred to as chiropractors who have a degree in Chiropractic medicine. Chiropractic care is a branch of medicine that is different from the traditional medical treatment you receive from conventional medical doctors. Chiropractors give treatments that do not involve performing surgeries or prescribing medicines. Chiropractors will find the root cause of the disease and treat it. It involves the use of techniques that can minimize pain, strengthen the body, and prevent further injury. Chiropractors utilize hands-on movements to treat health problems including ailments associated with the musculoskeletal system. This method is referred to as joint manipulation or joint adjustment. Chiropractic treatment aligns the joints and the muscles to their normal position so they can function correctly. It can treat health problems like upper back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, wrist pain, lower back pain, jaw pain, fibromyalgia, and arthritis. It can also treat asthma and headaches.

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Part II: Common Questions About Chiropractic Care

Myrtle Beach chiropratic CareLet us continue our discussion about the most common questions about chiropractic care. Don’t forget to check out the first part of this post in case you have not read it yet. So, let us begin.

When talking about the risks of any kind of healthcare procedure, it is critical to consider that risk and compare it to other available treatments that may be given for the same condition. In line with this, the risks of experiencing serious complications because of spinal manipulation for problems like neck pain as well as a headache offer better results with even the most traditional care alternatives. For instance, the risks that are linked to a few of the most common treatments for musculoskeletal pain – OTC or over the counter as well as prescription non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAIDs and painkillers – are considerably greater compared to chiropractic manipulation.

The American Journal of Gastroenterology said that individuals who are taking NSAIDs are three times more susceptible than those who do not to develop major gastrointestinal problems like hemorrhage and perforation. The risks increase to at least five times among patients who are at over 60 years old.

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Part I : Common Questions About Chiropractic Care

chiropractic care

What Are The Conditions That Chiropractors Can Treat?

Doctors of Chiropractic can help patients of different ages, from kids to seniors, who have varying health problems. They are known for their knowledge in caring for patients who have back pain, neck pain, as well as headaches using chiropractic adjustments and skilled manipulations. Chiropractors also care for those who suffer from a range of disorders and injuries involving the muscular system including the joints, ligaments, and muscles. These painful disorders usually impact or involve the nervous system, which may lead to referred pain and dysfunction that is distant to the where the actual injury is located. The advantages of chiropractic care can extend to general health problems and because the structure of our body has an impact on our overall function. Chiropractors also educate patients about nutrition, diet, exercise, healthy habits, as well as lifestyle and occupational changes.

How To Choose The Best Doctor of Chiropractic?

Among the best ways of finding a doctor of chiropractic in your area is by using Find A Doctor. You can also pick a chiropractor by asking for a referral from a friend, coworker, family member, or perhaps another health care provider.

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How Can Pregnant Women Benefit From Chiropractic Care?

chiropractic care for pregnancyChiropractic care involves maintaining the health of the spinal column, spinal discs, associated nerve, and the bone geometry without using surgery or drugs. This type of healthcare involves adjusting the body’s misaligned joints, particularly the spine. This will reduce the stress placed on the spinal nerve and promote optimal health throughout the body.

Is It Safe For Pregnant Women

So far, there are no contraindications to chiropractic care for pregnant women. Chiropractors are professionals who have undergone rigid training for working with pregnant women. Knowing how to improve the fertility as well as pregnancy wellness of expecting mothers or those who are trying to get pregnant is considered as routine care for many Myrtle Beach chiropractors.

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How Can A Chiropractor Help Patients With Arthritis

chiropractic careDespite being a common disease, arthritis is one of the most misunderstood conditions in America. Arthritis is a health problem that involves inflamed joints, which results in severe pain, stiffness, and discomfort not only in the joints but throughout the body as well. The common indications of joint inflammation and arthritis are joint pain, stiffness, swelling, and reduced range of motion. These symptoms are a lot worse among the elderly.

Arthritis isn’t a single disease. There are more than 100 kinds of arthritis and varying severity, which makes it one of the primary cause of disability among Americans. It affects over 50 million people in the country. Fortunately, chiropractic care can help patients suffering from arthritic pain. The two primary types of arthritis that can benefit from regular chiropractic care are:

Osteoporosis – a progressive disorder, usually irreversible deterioration, that affects the flexible joint cartilage

Rheumatoid Arthritis – a long-standing inflammatory condition in the joints

In these two cases, the first line of defense to relieve and manage pain and discomfort.

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How Can Chiropractic Adjustments Help Keep You Healthy

chiropractorHave you thought about scheduling an appointment with a chiropractor in the past to help relieve pain but ended up using pain medications instead? Perhaps you are suffering from chronic headaches or neck pain and you are uncertain how a chiropractor can help you. Whatever it is that you are experiencing, whether you feel pain or not at all, you can maintain good health and prevent various kinds of health conditions by getting routine chiropractic adjustments.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Chiropractic care concentrates on the prevention of illness and disease instead of reversing the symptoms once they have already appeared. To put it simply, you are going to benefit the most from attending chiropractic appointments before you experience pain. A local chiropractor will support correctly functioning nerves using gentle and safe adjustments. Once the nerves are stressed within joints, headaches and upset stomachs are a few symptoms that can arise. By including chiropractic appointments into your routine, just like a doctor or dentist, regular visits to a chiropractor can assist you in sustaining optimal nerve health.

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