back painLower back pain is among the most common reasons behind job related disabilities and why a lot of individuals miss work. It’s likewise the second most typical neurological ailment in the U.S., next to headache. As a matter of fact, about 80% of adults in Western nations have, at a certain point, have suffered lower back pain.

For a few fortunate individuals, lower back pain Hendersonville could go away on its own or with the help of some medicines within two to four weeks. But, there are certain cases of lower back pain that could last for several weeks, during which case the condition is referred to as progressive or chronic, which means it could only become worse over time.

Furthermore, about 60% to 80% of those patients who go through their first episode of back pain might experience recurring pain within a year.

Research revealed that there are specific muscles in the back that work to make sure that the spine is stabilized. If the spine or the back is injured, these muscles are shutdown or inhibited. Worse, they don’t recover spontaneously, and that’s true even if patients don’t feel pain and cannot return to their normal routine.

Because of the inhibition of the muscles, which is referred to lumber multifidi as well as transversus abdominis, lower pain takes place. But, there are things you can do to prevent such thing from happening to you.

Lower Back Pain Treatment

One method of preventing the inhibition of lumbar multifidi as well as transversus abdominus is through physical therapy. Made to strengthen the lower back muscles and to keep the spine in a healthy condition, these physical exercises may include back stabilization exercises to routines that develop muscle strength as well as other techniques.

Apart from that, a chiropractor could also educate you about the proper posture and body mechanics that could help lower your risk of experiencing lower back pain.

The treatment for lower back pain depends of various factors including the type of back pain you are feeling and its cause.

Cause of Lower Back Pain

There are different kinds of back pain. However, the most common is lower back pain. Why? The reason is pretty simple. You are carrying most of your weight in the lower back. Therefore, it’s most likely that a person would suffer in that same area as well. There is no single cause for lower back pain. There are instances when the reason behind it is so complicated that it’s a struggle to determine just a single cause.

However, health care professionals have seen that lower back pain is commonly the result of back muscles and ligament that have been strained because of several reasons. These include heavy lifting, improper posture, sudden awkward movement, stress, muscle spasm, and more.

Lower back pain may also result from certain conditions like spinal stenosis, sciatica, herniated disk, spondylolisthesis, and spondylosis.

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