North Myrtle Beach ChiropractorDoctors of Chiropractic Medicine or chiropractors wear a lot of hats throughout the course of their career. But, for many of us, visiting a chiropractor means one thing, having our hips, backs, and necks, adjusted.

Chiropractic Care For Lower Back Pain

When you have a chiropractic adjustment, a chiropractor uses spinal manipulation for the realignment of the bones and joints of the client’s back. The chiropractor uses his or her hands to provide a high velocity, low amplitude thrust or HVLA to the spine. Even though adding force to a joint that is sore might seem counterintuitive, a chiropractor is trained to dislodge those “stuck” joints and restore frozen joints without causing injury to the patient’s back.

A chiropractor from Divine Life Health Center can also treat a myriad of other disorders that involve the nervous, muscular, or skeletal system. Some examples of these neck and back issues are as follows:

Sports Injuries – Chiropractic care can be used to address many different sports injuries like strained tendons, torn muscles, and sprained ligaments.

Whiplash – chiropractors can address different injuries that involve the spine, but one of the most common are whiplash injuries. These happen when a collision like a car accident causes the head to whip back and forth on the neck’s axis.

Migraines – these are intense headaches that often originate from the neck and respond very well to chiropractic care.

Sciatica – this condition often results from incorrect alignment of the lumber spine and it is commonly in the form of pinched nerve. Chiropractors use HVLA to ease or reverse sciatica symptoms such as leg pain.

Myofascial Pain – this happens when the fascia that binds your muscles together becomes swollen, which causes painful adhesions or knots to develop in the muscle. Once you develop this syndrome, then you may have to visit a chiropractor who can release all of these trigger points.

Apart from Chiropractic Adjustments, what other services does a chiropractor offer?

In terms of chiropractic care, HVLA is only one of the many things a chiropractor can do.

Simple therapies for muscle pain

Hot and cold therapy – several joint injuries like arthritis can heal really fast whenever alternative rounds of hot and cold therapy are applied. Given that, your chiropractor can use ice packs to lessen local inflammation or swelling before using heat. On the other hand, heating wraps or pads help increase rather than reduce the flow of blood. This technique draws white blood cells that have healing characteristics to the area that is affected.

Massage Therapy – before HVLA is attempted, a chiropractor can use massage therapy to help loosen up muscles as well as prevent injuries. Apart from that, your chiropractor may work with a licensed massage therapist who may be able to provide advanced techniques like hot stone massage or myofascial release.

Hydrotherapy – you do not have to visit a spa for a hyrdrotherapy service. Several chiropractors offer whirlpool therapy for patients with arthritis, sore muscles, or paraplegia.

Electrotherapy – when you undergo electrotherapy, a chiropractor will put a sticky pad that has an electrode over a painful area in your back and neck. Once your chiropractor turns on the machine, you will feel a gentle buzz of electricity through your back. TENS and other electrotherapy units can be used to lessen muscle spans, provide pain relief, and encourage bone regrowth, to name a few.

Ultrasound Therapy – this technique uses vibrations from sound to come develop heat deep inside the muscles. The heat can help boost blood flow and loosen up the muscles. You can consider ultrasound therapy as mixing the best of massage and heat therapy.

Cold Laser Therapy – this method uses light energy for the activation of receptors that are located on the cell’s surface. The body will then recycle light energy into chemicals that can hasten the healing process. Cold laser therapy can be used to treat different conditions from carpal tunnel syndrome to knee pain. Cold laser therapy is becoming a common technique in the chiropractic industry.

Traction – a North Myrtle Beach chiropractor use traction to relieve pressure in the spine as well as decompress pinched nerves. When you have a traction therapy, your chiropractor will use mechanical techniques such as slings and pulleys to stretch your spine. This method is effective for those with bulging discs or degenerative disc disease.

Preventative Care – Chiropractors do not just offer these services but also serve as the lifestyle coaches and ergonomic experts of their patients. In the many different facets of our daily lives, including our exercise habits, posture, diets, we can use a pinch of TLC. As a matter of fact, weight gain as well as poor posture are only two of the most common causes of neck and back pain. Chiropractors offer tips that involve your diet and exercise.

Searching for simple as well as pain free solutions for your back and neck pain? Why don’t you visit Divine Life Health Center.

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